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Optometrists needed in PAPAUA NEW GUINEA!

YWAM Ships Kona’s mission is to reach the most isolated and disadvantaged islands in the Pacific. Using a ship to access these villages is often the only option.

Optical clinics are held both onshore and the PACIFIC LINK. Thousands of pairs of collated glasses collected throughout the year are dispensed at the optical clinic. These enable children to read the black board at school and continue their education.

Patients with cataracts are brought to the vessel for surgery via their inflatable zodiacs and returned the same day. Currently, the PACIFIC LINK is not set up for cataract surgeries. All cataract surgeries are done exclusively by eye surgeons who live in Papua New Guinea and bring their own equipment.

Food and accommodation are all on board the PACIFIC LINK. Typical deployments are for two weeks and then they return to port for the flight home.

Outreach Dates:PACIFIC LINK Schedule 2018 Jan 4-20, Feb 1-16, Feb 22-Mar 9, Mar 29-Apr 13, Apr 19-May 4, May 17-June 1, June 7-22, July 5-20,July 26-Aug 10, Aug 16-31,Sept 6-21,Sept 27-Oct 12

Please contact us at info@christianeye.net if you would like to know more about this opportunity.

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Comprehenseive / Oculoplastics Ophthalmologist Needed! – IVORY COAST – January 2018!

An Eye Care Team from Wisconsin that travels to the Ivory Coast 1 - 2 times per year has a need for an Oculoplastic Ophthalmologist for their next trip -- planned for January 2018, to Yammoussoukro (the capital of the country).

They usually perform about 130 surgeries during the first week which are primarily cataracts, plus a few pterygia, eviscerations and strabismus cases. The surgical number will be modified if an Oculoplastic doctor can come and provide care because one table will be dedicated to those surgeries.  A local evangelism team is present at every clinic with the hope of planting a church in the villages where medical care is provided.

Travel is coordinated by the team leader and costs include lodging with air conditioning, food, transportation, and daily interpreter which amounts to about $1000 plus the flight ticket which varies depending the origination city.

The local people speak French and many local dialects. The team speaks English and have interpreters for communication with the people.

For more information, please contact CEN at info@christianeye.net.

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Surgical Ophthalmologists Needed! – GUATEMALA – November 2018!

Health Talents International has a need for both Phaco and MSICS surgeons to provide compassionate care in Jesus name to the impoverished and under-served population in the jungle of SW Guatemala, Saturday, November 10 - Saturday, November 17, 2018.

Both MSICS and Phaco will be used to remove cataracts at a modern, well supplied, staffed and organized facility in the city of Montellano.

The cost of participating in a surgical clinic is $650 plus the cost of your plane ticket for Guatemala. For logistical purposes, HTI prefers to make all travel arrangements. Also, HTI will arrange local accommodations and provide meals for the team. Spanish speakers are especially welcome!

For more information, please contact CEN at info@christianeye.net.

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Surgical Ophthalmologists Needed! – PERU – 2018!

The Cusco Team serving the Quechua people in Cusco, Peru, needs more Ophthalmology staff!

Cusco is considered the unofficial capital and cultural center for the Quechua Indians, a largely unreached people group scattered throughout the Andes. It is also home to several healthcare universities. Of the 1.2 million people living in the area surrounding Cusco, only four percent are Christians. Poverty is widespread and many lack access to healthcare.

The goal of the team is to teach future professionals to bring the gospel to their own people using the medical skills that God is giving them. Their work includes doing medicine, praying and sharing the gospel with patients, teaching local medical students, sharing the gospel with students, and discipling students, with their eyes always on the long-term goal -- by God’s grace, raising up the next generation of indigenous healthcare workers who will heal with compassion and excellence in Jesus’ name.

They would love to have someone join their team who resonates with this mission/vision and is interested in investing with them on a long-term basis (2-5 years or more). While most, but not all, of the team is a part of the sending organization, Mission To The World, they also have an agreement with Samaritans Purse and are an approved site for their post residency fellowship/training opportunity where they pay for the first 2 years on the mission field.

Medically, any US-trained ophthalmologist could step into their clinic and practice at a very high level. Their clinic (La Fuente Medical Clinic) is well equipped. They have:

  • 2 optometrists
  • 4 exam lanes
  • Optical shop with optical laboratory—we make our own glasses
  • OCT
  • Visual Field
  • Corneal Topography
  • Pachymetry
  • Corneal Crosslinking
  • AMO Compact Sovereign Phacos
  • YAG Laser
  • Argon Laser
  • SLT Laser

They also have portable equipment for doing more rural outreaches.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting and challenging cross-cultural opportunity in Peru,, please contact CEN at info@christianeye.net.

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Surgical Ophthalmologists Needed! – COLOMBIA – January 2018!

Medical Ministry International - Canada has a need for both Phaco and MSICS surgeons for a trip to Riohacha, Colombia, Saturday, January 13 - Saturday, January 27, 2018.

Surgeries will take place at a local hospital in Riohacha and the optical clinic will be set up at a local school. The goal is to see over 4,000 people during the two-week project (400-500 daily). This project is a comprehensive vision care team. Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians, Nurses, Technicians and Support Team Members are needed.

Travel costs are arranged directly with their travel agent and are in addition to the Participant Project Donation ($1300-$1600, depending if staying 1 or 2 weeks). MMI will arrange local accommodations and provide meals for the team. Both English and Spanish are spoken at the hospital.

For more information, please contact CEN at info@christianeye.net.

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Eyes of Faith

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Eyes of Faith Eyewear

This is a wonderful way for your patients to wear and share their faith and to help local and international eye care missions! 


MSICS Training for Surgeons


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There is tremendous need for a very good cataract procedure where phacoemulsification technology is either not available or too expensive to provide to the masses that need surgery. Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) is the perfect surgery for much of the world: it is inexpensive, effective, produces minimal astigmatism, sutureless, safe, relatively quick to perform and is relatively simple to learn with good instruction. If you have an interest in doing medical missions in the future, strongly consider MSICS training. Our friends at Global Sight Alliance and Vision Outreach International would love to assist you! Click on the links below to learn more.

MSICS Online Classroom
MSICS Training Camps

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