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Adopt a Missionary!!! 

Listed below are brothers and sisters in the Lord who are serving in needy areas in the U.S. and overseas. We encourage you to prayerfully consider "adopting" one of these Ophthalmology Missionaries. Support them through prayer, help them with a monthly donation, or by meeting a specific need. They could always use support! 

To get involved just send us a note at or fill out the "Interested in more info?" form to your right.


Dr Jérémie Agré - Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

JeremieAgreJeremie is an ophthalmologist in the Ivory Coast serving with MediService Africa and the Mobile Eye Clinic - Cote d’Ivoire. The Mobile Eye Clinic has been able to provide pro bono eye care to thousands of indigent patients without access to health care in the underserved rural areas of the Ivory Coast.

Dr Agre has been granted a fellowship for a special training in glaucoma in Canada until December 2016, for which he must mobilize the $10,000 financial resource required. While the fellowship will cover tuition and part of his living expenses, he needs to raise funds to cover his round trips plane ticket. 

If you wish to financially support Jeremie & Marie Claire Agre please send your gift to:
The Navigators, Account number 191478.

The Navigators PO Box 6079
Albert Lea, MN 56007-6679

If you are able to help with equipment or supplies, please contact the Christian Eye Network.

Dr Jérémie Agré, Consultant ophthalmologist, Cote D’Ivoire;
Phone: (225) 09 54 53 53/01 80 32 48

Duranda Ash - Bahamas

DurandaAshDuranda is an ophthalmologist in the Bahamas and she is establishing a social clinic in the country for those who are underserved. The clinic will employ and train local healthcare workers, and provide for a wide range of patients.

If you would like to prayerfully or financially support the clinic by helping with supplies or equipment, please contact the Christian Eye Network.



John Cropsey – Burundi

CropseyFamJohn and his family are part of a community of families and friends who are seeking to serve God through medical work in Burundi. They call themselves "The Serge Kibuye Team." Follow the Cropseys by going to their blog:

John says: “The ongoing instability in Burundi has led to some unfortunate situations. All of these things present unique challenges when one is attempting to develop a major medical training center. Yet, God is still at work. This year, Kibuye Hope Hospital trained its 1,000th student since our team began in 2014! Over 30,000 patients will be cared for this year at the hospital. In addition, Kibuye’s growing presence in the community provides 500 jobs to local families, 300 of which are construction workers putting up infrastructure at an amazing pace. Through all of this rapid expansion, we have never once been able to outspend God’s generous donors to this work.

Ironically, in the midst of all the instability, our team has grown in leaps in bounds. When we first arrived in Burundi in 2013 there were 16 of us. Now Jess and I are responsible for a team of over 50 people with more on the way! That comes with a whole other set of adaptations on everyone’s part. 2017 will be an important year of strategic planning. Sub-Saharan Africa is in dire need of effective, high-quality, high-volume eye care and we hope to learn from the success at Aravind Eye Hospital in India.

This cross-cultural service we have been called to do has very unique challenges and stresses. We’ve been overseas full-time now for over 4 years, so it is with excitement and sadness all mixed together that, starting in July 2017, we’ll be taking a “sabbatical year” back in the USA.”

If you can help John and his team, send an email to the Christian Eye Network.

Also, John is excited to share a great video of what's happening at Kibuye Hope Hospital. Please feel free to spread the word and share this link with others that might be interested in the work in Burundi. 

Timothy Fincher - United Arab Emirates

TFincherTim Finchner began the Eye Clinic at Oasis Hospital in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, in January 2010. The Oasis was founded in 1960, and seeks to bring international standards of heath care to the community of Al Ain - "Healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God."

Tim has currently taken a leave from the Eye Clinic to study language full time.

Pray for and reach out to Tim by contacting the Christian Eye Network



Sean Grinovich - United Arab Emirates

Dr-SeanGrinovichSean is working with Tim Finchner at the Eye Clinic at Oasis Hospital. He has currently taken over the day to day running of the eye clinic at the Eye Clinic, while Tim takes a leave from the hospital to study language full time.

Oasis was the first hospital in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, to bring international standards of heath care to the community of Al Ain. Their motto is "Healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God."

The people at Oasis value relationships with their clients and business partners and seek to be sensitive to all cultural needs and welcome all people, seeking to serve them with Christ-centered compassion.

Pray for and reach out to Sean by contacting the Christian Eye Network.

Nathan Henson - Peru

Hensons - Dec2016 EditedNathan and his wife, Kristen (who is a Nurse Practitioner), serve the Quechua in Cusco, Peru, with Medical Campus Outreach International (MCOI).  They are a part of an 11 adult team serving an area of 1.2 million people where poverty is widespread, and many lack access to healthcare.  Their goal is to teach future professionals to bring the gospel to their own people using the medical skills that God has given them, along with caring for the needy with their own medical training.

Recently, the Hensons saw one of their original teammates head back to the US permantly. It’s been a bit surreal seeing them go – bittersweet. At the same time they are adding four new families this year. They are excited about their arrival, but are keenly aware of the changes in the team dynamics. Please be in prayer for them as they experience these growing pains on the team. Nathan continues to teach and disciple one optometrist in the clinic who recently told Nathan that he thinks that he will work in their clinic for the rest of his life, and that he wants to begin teaching and discipling someone himself. He will have that opportunity as they are hiring a new optometrist in August! Their church plant continues to grow, and they are beginning a remodel of the church building (house) this month to accommodate more people. It's a great problem to have. The new design will allow up to 150 people to participate in the worship service. Their clinic continues to be filled with patients and students. They are hiring more staff to accommodate the needs, and have added more rotations from the universities. Please continue to pray that the Lord would use this valuable tool to relieve the suffering of the needy, and to bring the good news of the gospel into their hearts and homes. Here is the link for giving to the building of the clinic (PE La Fuente Clinic Construction):

If you want to come along side the Hensons and support their work in Peru, contact the Christian Eye Network.


Eric & Wendy Hofman – Gabon

hofmanfamily -Dec2015Wendy Hofman and her husband are serving at the Bongolo Hospital, a 158-bed facility in the town of Lebamba, in the country of Gabon in Africa.

A Time to Mourn - May 2017
Eric's dad passed away unexpectedly due to a heart attack. They will be traveling to Omaha, NE, for the funeral. They ask that you pray for God's comfort on the family, His leading in their plans and through this transition for the family.

A New Eye Clinic!
Construction has begun on the NEW EYE CLINIC!  If you or someone you know is able to help with Equipment or Supplies, please send an email to

They have some prayer requests: God’s provision for funds for projects at Bongolo (including the need to replace/upgrade the wiring at the hospital/mission and the completion of the new eye center)

God is doing some great work here through the hospital. Around 40,000 patients come to the hospital each year, and in addition to getting great physical care, they (and their family members) are hearing about Jesus. And close to 200 people each month are accepting Jesus. It is so great to see so much fruit!

A PRESSING NEED here at Bongolo hospital! "The current electrical system is maxed out. We cannot do any expansion (including adding electricity to the new eye center building) until we upgrade our electrical wiring. And in the meantime, we are in danger of electrical fires due to the system being overloaded. We have been in contact with a reputable company in Libreville, and we have come up with a plan to upgrade the system. This new system would have the capacity to allow us to expand for years into the future. But it’s not cheap. The total cost of the upgrade is $300,000. Would you consider praying and asking God if He would like you to help in some way? Whether you can give $50, $500, or $5,000, any amount would be helpful." If you are interested in helping out, the giving instructions are shown below. 

Financial Needs
If you’d like to support the Hofmans and be involved financially in their work, here are two ways you can do that:

1.) If you’d like to give electronically, go to, and click on the “Contribute to Support Fund” button on the right side of the screen. 

2.) If you would like to send a check, please make it payable to “The Christian and Missionary Alliance”, write “Eric and Wendy Hofman – 43-40-16809” on the memo line, and send it to:

The Christian and Missionary Alliance
Office of Donor Accounting
8595 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Instructions for giving to "Electrical System Upgrade": If you would like to give with a debit/credit card, you can give funds online using the following instructions: Go to, put in the amount you want to give under "Give to International Workers and Special Projects", and then in the box below that, enter "Bongolo Electrical System Upgrade". Then click on the Give Now button (if needed) and complete the payment info on the page.

If giving by check, please make the check out to "The Alliance", and indicate that this is for account 43-40-09087 – Bongolo Electrical System. Please send it to:
The Alliance c/o Finance Dept.,
8595 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920


John Kempen - Ethiopia

Kempen SFSJohn Kempen and Scott Lawrence have partnered together to form a Christian nonprofit organization called Sight for Souls. They are dedicated to transforming lives and communities in the Global South through the gift of sight for the body and soul. Motivated by the love and example of Jesus Christ, their desire is to alleviate blindness through sustainable programs in areas with the greatest need. Their inaugural project is the establishment of the Discovery Eye Institute (DEI) in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The DEI is a joint initiative of Ethiopian and American ophthalmologists to provide world class clinical care and serve as a leader in advanced training for doctors and eye care personnel in Africa.

John and his family have moved to Addis Ababa and are getting their feet on the ground. John is setting up clinical service at the MyungSung Medical Center while studying Amharic and setting up the eye institute.

They rely on financial support to continue this work. Please consider supporting them. If you would like to financially partner with them, you can mail a check to:

Sight for Souls
3300 Tyson Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19149

Or contribute online at

You can reach John by contacting the Christian Eye Network.


Scott Lawrence - Ethiopia

scott-lawrenceAs with John Kempen, Scott Lawrence and his family have moved to Addis Ababa. Scott is also working at the MyungSung Medical Center while studying Amharic and setting up the eye institute.

Please consider supporting them financially so they can continue their work. If you would like to partner with them, you can mail a check to:

Sight for Souls
3300 Tyson Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19149

Or contribute online at

Find out more about Scott and his family by going to this link:

You can reach Scott by contacting the Christian Eye Network.


Jono Pons – Swaziland

JonoPonsJono leads the Good Shepherd Eye Clinic in Siteki, Swaziland.  He is one of only 2 Ophthalmologists in Swaziland!  A country of 1.25 million people.

The Clinic has approval to install a new Optometry unit and they are awaiting the construction of that. If you come upon an Optometrist who is a believer and looking for a place to serve (even short term), Dr Jonathan Pons would love to talk to him/her!  

You can find out more information at:


Ben & Jenny Roberts - Tenwek Hospital - Kenya

Tenwek - DSC00501Ben is serving at Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya, one of the world’s largest Christian mission hospitals. It was founded by World Gospel Mission in 1935, and works under the motto, “We Treat, Jesus Heals”.

Ben is part of the eye team at Tenwek Hospital, providing treatments and sight-restoring surgeries to those with eye diseases. Another highlight of his ministry is meeting weekly for a time of discipleship and growth with interns training at Tenwek.  He is serving among some ten medical missionaries who are doing long-term assignments there. Many are accompanied by spouses and children who live among and serve Tenwek’s community and neighbors.  Their ministry motto is “Sharing the Light, Restoring Vision,” and their desire is to share the light of Christ with the people of Kenya. The Tenwek eye team also travels to remote parts of East Africa to share this Light and vision with people beyond the hospital’s reach.

Caring eye surgeons (US/Kenyan) and clinical officers trained in cataract surgery are needed! If you, or someone you know, is interested in this opportunity, contact Ben.

If you want to come along side the Roberts and support their work in Kenya, you can reach Ben by contacting the Christian Eye Network.


Jeff Rutgard - iSight Missions & Hawaiian Eye Foundation

RutgardDr. Rutgard founded iSight Missions which is a nonprofit charity that provides impoverished persons access to sustainable, affordable, quality eye care, vision-restoring surgeries and trains eye care providers worldwide. He also serves on the board of the Hawaiian Eye Foundation and is their Medical Director

Dr. Rutgard possibly is the only U.S. ophthalmologist who has dedicated nearly the last two decades to full-time humanitarian ophthalmology in developing countries. Since 1999, he has participated in over 170 eye missions, performed over 100,000 humanitarian eye examinations, and over 11,000 humanitarian eye surgeries which have transformed the lives of the underserved in impoverished locations worldwide. He has trained over 1,000 ophthalmologists worldwide to perform Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) and also has trained nurses to be specialized MSICS surgical assistants.

You can find out more about ISight Missions from their website:


Janie Yoo - Zambia

JaniePaulYoo ZambiaJanie and her husband, Paul, are missionary doctors who are committed to following Christ's call to serve.  Paul is a dentist and they have found that dentistry and ophthalmology are two fields that are very compatible with medical missions, so they make a great eye and tooth team.

Janie heads up the Lusaka Eye Hospital, which is one of the largest eye care centers in Zambia. It has been a wonderful experience, although challenging at times. She says, "It's been such a blessing to see how the Lord has grown and blessed our institution, such that we are truly able to serve and be a blessing to the community in terms of providing quality eye care services." 

They have been in Lusaka, Zambia, for almost 6 years and have seen their family grow!  They have a few months left left in their commitment and when their stint ends in Zambia, both Janie and Paul will enter private practice in Paul's home state of Hawaii.  Right now Janie is praying for an ophthalmologist to replace her and carry on what she has helped build.  Please contact her if you or someone you know is interested.

Check out their blog:




Interested in more info?

If you are interested in our "adopt a missionary" program, feel free to inquire here for more information or to begin a commitment to one of our missionaries.

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