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URGENT NEED! – Medical/Surgical Ophthalmologists -- Malakal, SOUTH SUDAN - APRIL 2018!

In April 2017, Jim Sutherland, the Director of Reconciliation Ministries Network, Inc. (RMNI), and their South Sudanese Ministry Coordinator visited the UN Civilian Protection camp in Malakal, South Sudan. Church leaders there implored them to try to find help for the children and others afflicted with trachoma -- They said it was rampant at the camp. A Doctors Without Borders clinic is set up there, but no one is able to provide eye care.

This April (13th-28th), RMNI plans on returning to Malakal and they would like to invite a medical/surgical ophthalmology team to go with them (or the team could go at another time more convenient for them). Jim has taken 11 trips to South Sudan and works with the nationals directly. He would be willing to assist in setting up the trip, but it would be best if a doctor provided some leadership for a medical/surgical team. There are some coworkers at the Agape Mission of the Presbyterian Church of S. Sudan who could assist with logistics, as well as their supported coworkers within the Malakal camp. They have had a presence in the camp for about a year.

The costs will be approximately $2,500, plus round-trip airfare to Malakal (staging in Kampala, Uganda, a flight to Juba, S Sudan, and then another flight to Malakal). They have had no safety problems to date. RMNI uses an agent who provides discounted fares on quality airlines and excellent service. Immunizations, visas, and outfitting are extra. Medical certificates will be needed from the South Sudanese government.

Dr. JD Bonner (who lives in the U.S.) is available to answer any questions concerning trachoma beforehand.  Some severe cases of trachoma will require a procedure on the eyelid many American doctors may not have learned in their training. Dr. Bonner learned the procedure from Ugandan doctors when he was on a short-term trip there, and believes American doctors could be trained at Mengo Hospitial in Kampala before they travel to Malakal.  Jim Sutherland will look into getting an adequate supply of Zithromax for those who are in the early stage of trachoma.

Communication will need to be made with the Doctors With Borders clinic in Malakal to coordinate the use of their clinic (i.e. sterilization equipment). It cannot be assumed that they will have a lot of Ophthalmology instrumentation and supplies, so the appropriate planning would need to be made.

If you or someone you know might be interested, contact us soon at

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